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    Biotin, or vitamin H or B7, is a B-complex vitamin. It is usually the main ingredient in dietary supplements and cosmetics for scalp strengthening.

     When you do not get enough vitamin 7, in the first stage the hair appears dandruff, weakens and breaks easily at the ends.

    So biotin:

    Helps in the synthesis of keratin, causing the reaction of cellular enzymes to produce amino acids. 

    -Helps transport oxygen to the cells of the scalp and follicles, keeping them healthy.

    TBS ever long too fast (enriched with biotin) - Long and strong hair

    Hair Shampoo With Biotin and Keratin Sulfates Free

    TBSeverlongtoofast shampoo is specially designed to enhance hair length every time you bathe. The active ingredients of this shampoo nourish & rebuild your hair, prevent dryness and breakage and effectively help faster hair growth. For all hair types.

    How to use: Apply a small amount on wet hair and gently massage for 3-4 minutes to create a rich lather. Rinse with plenty of water. Ideal for everyday use. For even better results, combine it with TBSeverlongtoofast Conditioner.

    Hair Conditioner With Biotin & Panthenol Sulfates Free

    TBSeverlongtoofast conditioner increases the elasticity of the hair, preventing breakage & shearing, for healthy and long hair. Specially designed composition that rejuvenates the hair, giving it a unique texture and unsurpassed shine. For all hair types. It does not weigh down the hair.

    How to use: After shampooing, rinse and apply a small amount on wet hair. Gently massage the ends of your hair and leave the product for 2-3 minutes. Rinse with plenty of water. Ideal for everyday use.